preventive maintenance program

Preventative Maintenance Program

The best type of boiler problem is the one that never happens. A thorough boiler preventative maintenance program can save an organization thousands of dollars per year in emergency repair expenses and costly downtime.

Just like you can avoid car trouble through a proper maintenance routine, most of the common boiler problems you might encounter are detectable before they become a problem or avoidable through regular preventative maintenance program.


Our team is:

  • Experienced with combustion testing across all major brands
  • Equipped with an extensive inspection and maintenance checklist to help identify and prevent issues
  • Experienced with major controller brands, including:
    • Siemens
    • Fireye
    • Honeywell
    • Autoflame
  • Factory-trained in all common brands of boiler room equipment

Benefits of Boiler Preventative Maintenance Program

Boiler maintenance is not a one-time thing. You cannot perform it once and forget about it forever. It is an ongoing process, especially if you want to extend the life of your boiler and avoid hefty repair bills. Luckily, boiler preventative maintenance program is affordable, straightforward, and easy to schedule in advance

Maintaining your industrial boiler with preventative inspection and service is crucial to keeping an expensive asset functioning properly.

With Bay City Boiler’s maintenance program, you receive the benefits of:

Reduced Downtime

During the regular service, our technician will inspect it for any signs of wear or damage. This allows them to catch any problems before they escalate into disastrous breakdowns. When you experience an outage due to delayed maintenance, your company risks reduced profits or worse.

Greater Efficiency and Lower Operating Cost

Even the slightest reduction in operating costs can add up over the years. This is one of the biggest reasons businesses should invest in regular maintenance. There are several reasons a boiler will run more efficiently, such as reducing the risk of corrosion.

Corrosion is known to speed up the decline of your boiler. If your equipment is not functioning correctly, it will also use more fuel, increasing your monthly bills.

Longer Boiler Life

If you can prolong your boiler’s lifespan, you’ll be able to avoid costly repairs for years to come. Boiler service will also help pinpoint any potential issues before they become significant. It’s much easier and cheaper to repair a small problem than replace an entire boiler. This is why preventing major problems with your boiler can provide significant savings in the long run.

Compliance with Emissions Regulations

If your boiler falls short of the standard, you’ll be required to pay fines or make enhancements to the boiler system in order to achieve compliance. Systems that are designed to achieve compliance have sophisticated technology capable of reducing NOx. Such systems require expert tuning, monitoring, and maintenance in order to actually operate at a compliant level.

Prevented Safety Hazards

Regular maintenance can reduce the risk of fire, pressure explosion, and carbon monoxide buildup by ensuring that devices are clean and functional.

What We Do: Annual Maintenance

Every boiler component must be inspected annually to ensure everything is working correctly.

With an annual inspection from Bay City Boiler, all fuel valves are leak tested. We check all control settings, including those for test safety and operation. We examine all gas and safety valves based on manufacturer recommendations. We inspect insulating materials for signs of deterioration.

We check all valves and pipes for oxygen corrosion. We clean the burner assembly, igniter, flame sensors, and boiler furnace. We flush the boiler using maintenance and hand holes to remove sediment. We ensure that the heating system works correctly and that the water’s pH level is properly maintained.

We will inspect your Heating and Venting systems for signs of wear, corrosion, blockages, and leaks to ensure that the pipe and joint connections are secure. We will then inspect your Auxiliary systems, which supply fuel, air, water, and chemicals to the boiler. We will review your Metal for oxygen corrosion and water-side heavy scaling on tubes, tube sheets, and shells.

The refractory will be examined for cracks, patching, and wash coast (1/8″ or less is acceptable). The pH levels and gas valves will be checked, as will your water and electrical connections, controls, and wiring. Finally, we will examine your operating and safety controls.

Daily Recommended Boiler Maintenance

Here are some daily upkeep tasks you can perform to maintain your boiler:

  • Check your boiler equipment and piping for water leaks, obstructions, or vibrations
  • Make sure the ventilation system is not blocked
  • Check the flame for any signs of damage or soot
  • Check the exhaust temperature, boiler temperature, and pressure
  • Check the concentrations of salts and chemicals in the water softener, de-alkalizer, and chemical feed equipment
  • Make certain that the display panel indicates no error or service codes
  • Open the bottom blowdown valves and column drain valves to blowdown the boiler and water column.

Weekly Recommended Boiler Maintenance

  • Inspect the de-alkaliser, water softener, or chemical feed system to ensure that they have the proper amount of chemicals and salts
  • Check the main burner’s fuel safety valves for leakage and problems
  • Inspect and clean compressor air filters, and ignition electrodes for leakage and problems
  • Test whether the operating and safety controls are working properly by noting the pressure gauge
  • Perform an evaporation test to ensure the burner shuts down at low water levels, and alarms are sounded
  • Ensure that the alarms and signal lights are operating properly.

Monthly Recommended Boiler Maintenance

A manufacturer’s instructions or suggestions should be followed when testing boiler safety relief valves

  • Debris or dust in the filter access panel should be removed or the air filter replaced as required
  • The safety relief valve and discharge pipes should be carefully inspected for weeping and leaks
  • Check the combustion air and flue gas piping for corrosion
  • Corrosion may be indicated by the presence of condensation, a white, powdery substance in the pipes, which should be inspected for corrosion
  • Inspect the fan, air pressure, and high-pressure or high-temperature interlocks for proper operation.

Max Uptime™ Maintenance Program

For Max-Uptime Boiler Maintenance Program subscribers, WE take care of your boiler system’s health and performance. That way, you can save money, save time, and avoid surprises.
Program Benefits:

  • Reduced boiler downtime, saving you money
  • Our extensive parts inventory is available at a discount
  • We guarantee a rapid response to emergencies
  • There is no maintenance scheduling burden – we take care of it
  • We guarantee our labor rate

Learn more about our exclusive Max Uptime™ Boiler Maintenance Program to prevent costly downtime!

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