When your boiler goes down unexpectedly, there’s really only one strategy you can pursue – get it up and running again as quickly as possible.

emergency boiler service

24/7 Emergency Response

When you call Bay City Boiler, day or night, you’ll be connected with an emergency boiler repair coordinator, not just an answering service. Your service coordinator will help you determine what problem your boiler system may be experiencing and arrange for a service visit as soon as possible, often the same day.

Common Emergency Boiler Repair Issues

Regularly-scheduled preventative maintenance for your boiler will help keep your boiler in good condition, eliminating the chance of common failures. However, problems can still arise. Common boiler failures that lead to emergency boiler repair calls:

  • Low-water alarm – modern boiler controls will shut down your hot water or steam boiler when the water level drops below a programmed threshold. This safeguard protects the boiler from overheating. Our emergency boiler repair technicians are familiar with many controllers and with this issue. The solution is to restore the recommended water level, reset the alarm, and verify proper operation.
  • Flame failure – changes in season alter the ambient air temperature and moisture, which affect burner combustion. This can lead to flame failure, as well as simply inefficient use of fuel. Our technicians are trained to identify and correct flame problems and resolve them through combustion tuning.

Boiler Equipment We Service

From multiple offices spanning from Fresno to Sacramento and West to the San Francisco Bay Area, our team is deep and experienced. We service just about any piece of equipment found in a boiler room.

We service: Steam boilers (commercial, industrial, firetube, tubeless, electric, unfired), hydronic boilers (condensing, dual-fuel, non-condensing), domestic hot water heaters (direct, indirect, instantaneous, high-efficiency condensing), boiler burners, thermal fluid heaters, and ancillary equipment.

Equipment brands we service and repair include:

  • Controllers – Siemens, Fireye, Honeywell, Autoflame
  • Boilers – Fulton, Johnston, Riello, Columbia, Aldrich, Precision Boilers, Coen
  • Hot Water Heaters / Hydronic Boilers: Raypak, Laars, Lochinvar, Aerco, AO Smith, RBI
  • Burners – ST Johnson, Riello, John Zink Hamworthy, Coen
  • Ancillary Equipment – too many brands to name, including Fabtek, Watson McDaniel, Lockwood Products, American Wheatley, Winters, Penn, Cannon Boiler Works

Getting Your Boiler Up and Running Fast

  • Keep emergency replacement parts in stock
  • Maintain “preferred vendor” status with key parts suppliers for fast turnaround
  • Train our experienced boiler experts to troubleshoot fast
  • Use a comprehensive boiler room checklist to identify current and potential equipment issues
  • Maintain a large team of experts, so someone is always available to respond

Maximizing Your Boiler’s Efficiency and Uptime

We not only work to quickly resolve emergency boiler repair requests, we set you up to avoid or resolve common problems without needing to call us:

  • We’ll help you identify parts to keep in stock at your facility
  • Train you or your team members to fix common problems yourself
  • Assign boiler experts to consult with you over the phone first, to see if your boiler problem can be resolved without a visit

We’ll also help you determine the ideal preventative maintenance plan for your boiler. An annual maintenance inspection and service visit, at a minimum, may be supplemented by semi-annual, quarterly, and perhaps monthly service.

Your boiler’s customized program will be designed to maximize uptime and efficiency while extending the life of your equipment. Our optional, exclusive Max Uptime™ Boiler Maintenance Program also includes discounts on parts, fixed labor costs, remote monitoring equipment, priority response, water chemistry management, and more.

Give us a call for fast response and repairs done right the first time. Arrange for preventative maintenance to avoid future downtime and to operate more efficiently.