Healthcare & Hospital Boilers

Due to the critical nature of work hospitals, surgery centers, and other healthcare facilities do, you cannot afford to be without heat or hot water. In fact, without steam, sterilization practices come to a halt. The entire sterilization process inside a hospital relies upon its commercial boilers. These hospital boilers also produce the steam used to heat the building, heat the water, wash all of the hospital’s laundry, among other vital hospital tasks.

For this reason alone, it’s essential that you receive a fast response to issues and expert help to prevent downtime. Hospitals have some of the highest energy use rankings for heat in any industry. Additionally, hospitals must maintain constant temperatures to ensure adequate care is delivered. Patients seeking support from a hospital are medically fragile and need consistent care, including steady heating or cooling.

At Bay City Boiler, we understand your needs as a healthcare facility; we’ve been supporting some of California’s largest hospitals and medical facilities for decades.

24/7 Emergency Service

hospital boilers

“Cal Special” boilers in healthcare facility

We are always just a phone call away day or night, and because we have a large team, our support goes beyond just an answering service and dispatch – you can speak with a boiler expert and potentially get your system up and running while our technician is in transit. Fast 24/7 emergency service availability is a hallmark of our business. We recognize that downtime for a healthcare or hospital boilers could quite literally become a life or death situation, so we prioritize the service needs of our healthcare customers.

Equipment Selection and Purchase

We partner with over a dozen hospital boilers and burner brands including Fulton, Aldrich, Columbia, Riello, and S.T. Johnson, and can offer a turn-key solution to acquire and install your equipment, train your staff in operation and essential maintenance, then support you through the warranty coverage period. The continual demand for steam boilers has resulted in a boom of efficient and cheaper systems. An entire subcategory of this equipment has even been developed specifically to meet the exceptional needs of hospitals. If your hospital has not yet installed one of these industry-specific boilers, you may want to consider an upgrade. 

Speak to one of our team members – we speak your language and are ready to help with everything from hospital boilers sizing, piping size, and pressure calculations to burner and boiler tuning.

Parts, Maintenance, and Service

Just like you can avoid car trouble through a proper maintenance routine, most of the common boiler problems you might encounter are detectable before they become a problem or avoidable through regular preventative maintenance. We have a large service team with experienced, trained boiler technicians located in the San Francisco, Fresno, Stockton, and Sacramento areas.

Not only do we repair and maintain boilers for the healthcare industry, but we sell and install hot water and steam systems used for building heat, sterilization, hot water, and even food preparation. We stock steam traps and other critical components manufactured by Watson McDaniels and other premier equipment vendors 

Bay City Boiler offers a single point of contact that the healthcare facility or even network of facilities can call for new equipment, installation, maintenance, repair, parts, and rental. Give us a call at 1-888-910-2392 or use the form to the right.