Boiler Burners

While many commercial and industrial boilers will last 25 years or more, boiler burners tend to need replacement more frequently – on the order of every 10 years. As boiler burners age, they not only run the risk of failing, they also begin to affect the efficiency of your boiler system.

Replacing your burner may be an important opportunity to retrofit your system with new equipment capable of meeting today’s stringent emissions requirements. Through a comprehensive assessment of your equipment, we will help you decide how much life is left in your current boiler burner and determine whether or not replacement is advised.

Commercial Boiler BurnersWe offer burner models to accommodate variable fuels, emission levels, boiler types, and flame geometry.

  • Commercial Boiler Burners provide combustion for steam boilers, hot water boilers, thermal fluid
    units and direct-fired furnaces.
  • Industrial Boiler Burners provide combustion for boiler systems used in industrial processes, waste
    heat, sterilization, and building heat.
  • Low NOx Boiler Burners are engineered to minimize emissions.
  • Ultra-low NOx / Premix Burners include additional technology, such as flue gas recirculation (FGR) and Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) to reduce emissions.
  • Burner Management Systems ensures the safe start-up, operation, and shutdown of boilers to protect equipment and optimize efficiency.
  • Process Burners are vital components of industrial furnaces or direct-fired heaters used in energy, chemical, and manufacturing processes.
  • Powerplant / Utility Burner Systems often require custom-engineered (link to custom equipment page). We’re the exclusive sales representative of the premier burner brands for heavy-duty applications.

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