Industrial Boiler Repair Services

As commercial and industrial boiler repair become even more sophisticated to achieve maximum efficiency and increasingly stringent regulations, boiler repair requires more advanced tools and training.

As industrial boiler repair experts, we train our team of technicians to not only know how to execute common repairs, but to understand the engineering behind a wide variety of boiler systems, from simple to complex. That way we can help uncover potential issues before they strike in addition to efficiently fixing the problem at hand.

industrial boiler repairBoiler systems we repair:

  • Domestic Hot Water Heaters and Systems
  • Hydronic Boilers and Systems
  • Steam Boilers, Feed Water systems, DA Systems and Condensate Systems

Some of the boiler repairs we routinely perform:

Burner combustion tuning and annual maintenance. Changes in temperature, humidity, and the demands placed upon your boiler lead to sub-optimal combustion conditions. Additionally, unavoidable wear and tear on your boiler’s components contribute to changes in combustion conditions that must be addressed.

Periodic combustion tuning is part of good boiler maintenance practices that keep your boiler running at peak efficiency to reduce energy bills and maintain compliance with air quality regulation,

Low water faults. Allowing your boiler’s water to fall below a safe operating level results in a low-water fault (in modern boilers), shutting off the burner in order to save components from damage. Of course, this condition should be avoided, but sometimes things like feedwater pumps or control valves fail, there are leaks, or other causes. In the event of a low water fault, a qualified boiler technician should inspect the unit to safely identify the cause.

Flame failures. Because a consistent flame is essential for safe, efficient operation, boilers are equipped with flame detectors that will trip, shutting down the system if the flame is unstable or compromised. Common causes of flame failure include: loss of ignition energy, malfunctioning or tripped flame scanner, reduced air flow, the scanner itself is dirty, or other combustion system problem.

Tube replacements. The job of the boiler tubes is to transfer the heat from the fire side to the water side. The design, material and thickness are all tailored to the type of boiler and have been carefully chosen to deliver efficient operation. In a well-maintained boiler, tubes should last 10 years or more. However, either due to improper maintenance or age, boiler tubes will eventually need to be replaced in order to return the boiler to effective operation. Our in-house fabrication department has some of the best equipment and skills on the West Coast to fabricate and bend boiler tubes for retubing projects.

Leak repairs. A water leak within a boiler can either be a simple or expensive problem to solve. Common reasons for a boiler leak are: pressure issues, loose joints that just need tightening, or damaged valves or seals. A commercial boiler repair company, like Bay City Boiler, should still be called in order to definitively locate the source of the leak, even if the fix is straightforward. Other sources of leaks could be more problematic, like a crack or corrosion.

R stampCode repairs. Repairs to an ASME Code Stamped pressure vessel must be performed by a boiler service company with a Certificate of Authorization to use the “R” symbol, like Bay City Boiler. This indicates that our technicians have the training, expertise, and tools to properly work on ASME pressure vessels per the requirements of the National Board Inspection Code (NBIC). If you need an ASME pressure vessel evaluated and repaired, be sure to only work with a service company with this certification.

Control upgrades. As demands on your facility’s boiler increase or change over time, upgrading components, retrofitting, or replacing the boiler may be required. Updated controls can deliver several benefits, such as better efficiency, alarms that help avert bigger problems, safety features to protect employees or technicians, and greater compliance with environmental regulations.

We service all brands of commercial and industrial boiler repair. Our industrial boiler repair service goes hand-in-hand with our preventative maintenance and emergency boiler service offerings.