dryer maintenanceDryer Maintenance

Does your facility use burners in spray or drum drying applications? Given that burners are costly to operate and are often central to a plant’s productivity, we recognize that it is important to keep them running optimally. Moreover, inefficient operation could lead to air quality compliance issues and even safety hazards.

Our technicians are trained and experienced in servicing burners used across a variety of applications and industries, including food processing and asphalt production.

Spray Drying Applications

  • We sell, install, maintain and repair direct-fire duct burners, such as Maxon CROSSFIRE®, as well as indirect fire burners.
  • Periodic Maintenance – inspection and cleaning of burner bodies, dispersion and deflector plates. Combustion tuning. For many applications we recommend quarterly preventative maintenance.
  • Repairs and Replacements – we offer spare parts and are available to repair and replace components as needed.
  • Complete Overhaul – specifically for direct-fire duct burners, removal and extensive refurbishing is required every 3 to 5 years due to the thermal degradation that dispersion plates, deflector plates, and end plates face. We recommend periodically removing and “swapping” burners so that we can replace consumable components and refurbish the rest of the burner.

Drum Drying Applications

  • We sell, install, maintain and repair drum drying burners used in food processing, asphalt drying, and other applications.
  • Periodic Maintenance – burner inspection and cleaning; quarterly is appropriate for many applications
  • We work on any brand of burner control system

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