Domestic Hot Water Heaters

Domestic hot water heaters come in many configurations. It can be overwhelming to identify the right equipment for your application. Whether you need to supply potable hot water for a school, apartment building, or other multi-family residences, hospital, office building, or an industrial process, our experts can help you weigh your options and select equipment to meet your needs.
As the Northern California representative for industry-leading domestic hot water heating system manufacturers, we are in a position to spec and deliver a complete solution.

Domestic Hot Water Heater Systems We Sell

  • Direct Hot Water Heaters heat and store hot water in tanks so it is available as needed. We offer both gas-fired and electric models.
  • Indirect Hot Water Heaters produce hot water from an existing thermal source, like steam or high-temperature hot water.
  • Instantaneous or Near-Instantaneous hot water heaters use an existing thermal source or heating elements to heat water as it is demanded, vs. pre-heating and storing hot water in tanks
  • High-efficiency Condensing Water Heaters offer a highly-efficient approach to providing domestic hot water where steam is available on site. The units produce condensate at appropriate hot water temperatures then provide it on an instantaneous basis or store for use.
  • We also sell storage tanks, heat exchangers and other equipment necessary to complete your domestic hot water heating system.

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