Food Processing Boilers Service

Most people don’t realize how essential food processing boilers service is to the food and beverage industry. Meat plants, poultry processing plants, and other food processing companies rely heavily on boiler steam for many functions. Nearly every aspect of our food supply chain to grocery stores and restaurants involves steam or hot water produced by a boiler. When selecting a food processing boilers system for your food processing application, you have many factors to juggle. A variety of heating solutions are available to the food industry that meets the specific requirements for food safety regulations. Process heaters, thermal fluid heaters, water heaters, vaporizers, and steam generators are all used across the industry. Food Process Central Valley - food processing boilers

Direct fire for air heating

One of the main benefits of direct-fired heating is eliminating the heat exchanger found in typical furnaces. This allows more compact designs, reduces initial cost and weight, eliminates the thermal energy lost in standard flue gases, and reduces fan size requirements. There is less pressure drop across the unit.

Uptime for operations is critical — downtime is lost money!

We understand your needs; we’ve been supporting food processing boilers facilities in California for decades.

We offer a single vendor you can call upon for new equipment, installation, start-up, maintenance, boiler repair, parts, and rental.

Best-of-breed Boiler Room Equipment

Let’s look at the boiler room equipment we supply and service; here are the main types of boilers used in food processing:

types of boilers used in food processing boilersWater-tube boilers – One of the latest advances in steam production technology is water tube boilers. We represent commercial models commonly used for low-pressure steam loads and process loads as well as industrial designs used for high-pressure needs, central steam plants, and larger process loads. Our primary equipment partners for water tube boilers are Coen Steam Solutions, Hamon/Deltak, and Precision Boilers.

Fire-tube boilers – Firetube boilers are designed for low-pressure steam heating loads and industrial process applications. We sell and install single, two, three, and four-pass models made by industry leaders like Aldrich, Columbia, Fulton, Johnston Boiler Company, and Precision Boilers.

Steam generators – Steam generators are ideal for on-demand situations. They are smaller and easier to start up than steam boilers and may be used as auxiliary boilers. Generators usually do not have the same maximum capacity as fuel-fired boilers, so they are best for applications that require a point of using dry steam.

We stock steam traps and other critical components manufactured by Watson McDaniels and other premier equipment vendors.

Given our expertise in these applications, we often help in the design and analysis of process plans. So whether your business is beverage, bakery, poultry, meat, fruit, vegetable, dairy, seafood, or other food processing and packaging, we can build a boiler package that can help meet fluctuating demands, reduce downtime, help lower fuel costs, reduce emissions and add redundancy.

Maintenance and 24/7 Emergency Service

Don’t forget that regular maintenance is critical for minimizing downtime, maximize efficiency, and remaining compliant with air quality standards. The best type of food processing boilers problem is the one that never happens. A thorough boiler preventative maintenance program can save an organization thousands of dollars per year in emergency repair expenses and costly downtime.

24/7 emergency service that includes the ability to speak to a boiler expert directly. We not only work to resolve emergency boiler service requests quickly, we also set you up to avoid or resolve common problems without the need to call us:

  • We’ll help you identify parts to keep in stock at your facility
  • Train you or your team members to fix common problems yourself
  • Assign boiler experts to consult with you over the phone first to see if your boiler problem can be resolved without a visit

Did the last boiler company you hired do that?

We have multiple locations that allow us to be a single vendor for your plant or network of food processing facilities, with technicians located in the SF Bay Area, Fresno, Stockton, and Sacramento.