MBT and Bay City Boiler

MBT Steam Technologies is now the Fresno division of Bay City Boiler!

We are proud to carry on the tradition of quality and attention to detail that has made MBT so valuable to its Fresno-area customers. In order to ensure a seamless experience, we have hired MBT employees and will keep the same office and shop location.

We are pleased to begin serving organizations, like yours, rooted in the Fresno community. As we considered expanding from our home base in Northern California, we knew we wanted to build upon a skilled team that already understood your needs.

While we have a few years on MBT (we launched our services in 1976), we share a similar commitment to providing boiler room solutions and ensuring maximum up time.

Some enhancements you can expect through the combined capabilities of MBT and Bay City Boiler:

  • Extensive list of boiler, burner, and ancillary equipment brands available
  • Expanded inventory of boiler parts
  • 24/7 emergency boiler equipment repair
  • Additional preventative boiler equipment maintenance capabilities
  • Access to larger fleet of rental boilers

We are also excited to add capacity to the fabrication capabilities of the Fresno location which includes one of the only tube bending equipment options in the Western U.S.

Please take a moment to update your contact information for us.

Bay City Boiler
5257 E Pine Ave,
Fresno, CA 93727
(559) 237-1585
General Manager, Mike Hawkins

If you have any questions about Bay City Boiler, or the migration of MBT’s assets and employees to us, please contact Pete Ellery at (510) 786-3711.