Steam Product and System Training

We are pleased to be collaborating with Watson McDaniel to, once again, offer full-day steam training sessions.

2022 Steam Training | steamtraining TOPICS TO BE COVERED

  • Boiler Basics
  • Steam Basics
    • Heat Transfer and BTU’s of Latent Heat
    • Pressure vs. Volume
    • Velocity & Noise
  • Products for Protecting Systems
    • Drip Steam Traps
    • Y-Strainers
    • Separators
    • Relief Valves
  • Products for Efficient Steam Usage
    • Process Steam Traps
    • Pressure & Temperature Regulators
    • Control Valves
    • Pressure Motive Pumps

Plus, discussion of other Pipeline Accessories and problem solving products such as Check Valves, Air Vents, Vacuum Breakers, and Pump-Traps! For more information, download the brochure to the right. For more details or to register, please contact the appropriate staff member depending upon the session you want to attend. Cost is $100 per attendee. We look forward to seeing you!

October 4th, Stockton – Tammy Herzog at or (209) 490-4010
October 5th, Hayward – Jen Landucci at or (510) 786-3711 ext. 112
October 12th, Fresno – Amanda Voskuil at or (559) 237-1585